Terms Of Service

StepAhead's Terms & Conditions and Returns Policy

  1. These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts concluded between GHC GLOBAL LTD (“StepAhead”) and its customers.
  2. StepAhead agrees to comply with the customer’s requirements in accordance with the written specifications provided to StepAhead by the customer and recorded in writing between the parties.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed upon payment for goods ordered by the customer is made at the time of ordering and if payment has not been made by the last day of the month following delivery, interest 
    shall accrue thereon at rate of per cent per year from the date of invoice.


  4. The title or ownership of the goods supplied to the customer by StepAhead shall not be transferred to the customer until such time as 
    full payment has been made, the full payment being the 
    receipt of the funds cleared in respect of the entire order relating to the goods supplied.
  5. In the case that the client wishes to alter the design, the artwork or any other aspect of the order must be submitted in writing to StepAhead by the client.
  6. In the case that the client wishes to alter the layout, the artwork or any other part of the order must be submitted in writing to StepAhead by the client. StepAhead shall use its best efforts to make adjustments in accordance with this request, but shall reserve the right to charge additional fees to the client for any such alterations resulting out of this request and shall notify the client thereof.
  7. StepAhead points out that whether it accepts the return of products is completely at its own discretion, except where the return of products is the consequence of a failure on the part of StepAhead to deliver the products in question in accordance with the order. Goods can not be transferred if individual design or embroidery work has been carried out on such products and/or the client has used the products and/or added design or embroidery work to them.
  8. These terms and conditions shall apply to all orders and contractual agreements entered into between StepAhead and the client, including repeated or new orders from the client, unless otherwise agreed.
  9. In order to avoid doubts as to whether there should be any dispute under these terms and conditions or a contract between StepAhead and the client, such dispute shall be dealt with in accordance with English law.
  10. StepAhead points out that these terms and conditions do not in any manner remove, limit, impede or deprive the client of any of their statutory rights.
  11. Email discount codes can not be applied to current deals, such as packages or packs, and can only be used in online transactions.
  12. Discount code usage is at the sole discretion of StepAhead.
  13. Please note that the colour samples shown may not match the colours of the real clothing. Also, kindly check the size manual for precise size. If you have any enquiries, please contact us.
  14. Products specified as no VAT may have additional terms which qualify customers for no VAT, e.g. safety shoes, individual purchases not for employees (subject to the safety rating) will qualify for no VAT, but purchases for employees will require the addition of VAT. It is the duty of the client to make their use known to Pro Workwear if they are assumed to be subject to VAT fees as individual use, unless otherwise stated.
  15. StepAhead withhold the right to refuse orders, at their sole discretion, for (but not limited to):

    (a) Offensive words and slogans
    (b) Offensive graphics and icons


    (a) copyrighted material
    (b) copyrighted images or phrases


StepAhead's Returns Policy

  1. You may return any item purchased from our standard range* within 28 days of delivery provided that it is in the original packaging and is suitable for resale. We will also pay the costs of return for exchanges or refunds if the return is our error or if the material is considered to be defective. Returns may take up to 15 working days to be processed.
  2. Unless it has been incorrectly supplied or deemed to be defective, we cannot accept the return of:

    • Goods that have been embroidered, badged or printed.
    • Goods that have been assembled in accordance with your requirements.
    • Goods that have been specially purchased in accordance with your requirements and are not part of our standard range*.


  1. Our promise is to remove unwanted goods from your premises within 5 days of the request.
  2. That does not affect your statutory rights.
    In the event of goods arriving with production or manufacturing errors, Pro Workwear reserves the right to correct them before offering the refund, at the sole discretion of StepAhead.

    Our standard range is any item available on our website and does not include any special colours or sizes.


  1. All goods shall be offered subject to availability. Delivery of goods shall be deemed to take place at the premises of the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Every effort will be made to deliver goods on time, but no responsibility for late or non-delivery can be accepted. Any orders placed after 3PM will be dispatched the following working day
  3. All shortages, damages, production errors or non-delivery of goods must be notified by telephone within 48 hours and confirmed in writing within 3 working days of dispatch.
  4. StepAhead shall not be liable for items which may be damaged or lost when the customer requests goods to be left in specific collection locations by DPD, e.g. Behind bin, man.
  5. Claims for shortfall or non-delivery shall be supported by a POD courier and a delivery note signed as unchecked, short or damaged as appropriate.
  6. By arrangement, all deliveries should be carefully checked-in to ensure that the correct clothing is delivered as no liability can be accepted for any or short deliveries thereafter.
  7. Any damaged parcels should be checked in front of the delivery person of the courier and signed accordingly.